Redum of Sun Indiegogo Campaign Underway

Become the Celestial Hunter, a champion entwined into an eons-long intrigue between Gods
Fireballed Studio has launched an Indiegogo campaign for Redum of Sun, a fast-paced FPS with open-world design heavily inspired by Far Cry series, blended with an archery-focused combat influenced by the power-fantasy of Doom (2016) - all that in a modern art style.
The action of Redum of Sun takes place in times long before the history was written, in the age when Earth was still unshaped. Player becomes the Celestial Hunter - a mortal, legendary archer chosen to redeem his sins by serving the Demigodess of Sun. He must stand against the odds and face the Legions of the Moon Demigod and unveil the motives behind the Divine Siege - thereby creating one of the greatest myths the humanity will pass on through generations.