Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams Screens #4

The fourth batch of screens
THQ Inc. today released the fourth batch of screens from Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams, the sequel to Tak and the Power of Juju. As you know, the game has shipped to retail outlets across North America, for PS2, Xbox, GC and GBA, but the UK version is expected on March 25th. Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams will continue following Tak on his adventures against evil. You will take on the role of a more experienced Tak as he goes on an epic adventure that will require him to learn all new Juju magic in order to recover the Nightmare Scepter and defeat the evil shaman, Tlaloc. You will maneuver Tak, armed with new Juju abilities. He will master the ancient Juju magic of animals, allowing him to morph into creatures and accumulate the power of a Spirit Animal. Enjoy!