GTR – FIA GT Racing Game v1.3 German Patch

Update 1.3 brings new improvements to the multiplayer mode
SimBin Development and 10tacle Studios AG released today a new German patch for GTR – FIA GT Racing Game, a racing game wich will contain 10 officially licensed real world tracks, 68 officially licensed team specific GT and NGT cars, two completely different game modes (simulation and arcade) and multiplayer with LAN and Internet support. The update includes, besides some graphical improvements, new setups for all the cars that came with the "Proximus 24H of Spa" Add-On and two new race classes with the Cup 400 and Cup 300. But the main feature is the fine-tuning of the multiplayer mode with an improved overall stability and performance as well as fixed CTD bugs (crash to desktop). Don't forget to grab the latest demo if you haven't done so yet.