Dynasty Warriors 5 Goes Gold

KOEI’s martial arts-themed tactical action game will ship to North American retailers on March 29, 2005
Dynasty Warriors 5, the action game developed by Omega Force exclusively for PS2, has reached gold status and will ship to North American retailers on March 29, 2005, Koei announced. Dynasty Warriors 5 will feature new playable characters, enhanced battlefield stronghold system challenges your strategic decision-making in the midst of combat, new fighting moves and attacks, and reduced fog and improved draw distance to show more detailed backgrounds. All of the characters will have their own story, and the events will be viewed from the Warrior's own perspective. In comparison to the previous sequel, Dynasty Warriors 4, there were just four main storylines for the Wu, Shu, Wei and Unaligned forces. The game's main mode, Musou mode, includes brand new stories for all of the characters including one of the newest Dynasty Warriors, Cao Pi. Dynasty Warriors 5, already available in Japan since last month, will be released in Europe this summer.