Bet On Soldier Screens #9

The game in the works at Paris-based developer Kylotonn will be available this summer
Our Bet On Soldier gallery has been updated with seven screenshots, illustrating this thrilling PC-based first-person shooter which will be released by Digital Jesters in April 2005, throughout Benelux, the United Kingdom and in the US. The most interesting part of Bet On Soldier is the fact that before entering battle, players can wager on which particular enemy soldiers they are going to kill. When they encounter this enemy in the game, a duel will take place. Depending on the outcome, the player will either lose his stake or win a prize calculated according to his opponent's rank, his initial stake, and the length of time it took to win. Accrued credits can be used to upgrade the player's character, in order to challenge progressively tougher opponents. Supporting up to 32 players, the multiplayer mode will offer six classes (Protector, Sniper, Grenadier, Trooper, Engineer and Destroyer) and the following game types: Deatchmatch, Team Deatchmatch and the unusual B.o.S. mode.