Jade Empire Fighting Styles Movies #3

The upcoming action RPG by Bioware coming on PC?
Two new movies from Jade Empire have been added in our download area showing two fighting styles: Thousand Cuts - an aptly named martial style that relies on numerous light strikes in quick succession instead of singular punishing blows or thunderous kicks, and Dire Flame - a magical style of fire bolts, fireballs, and tongues of flame. The upcoming action RPG in the works at Bioware will be released by Microsoft Game Studios in North America on April 14th, with worldwide distribution occurring shortly thereafter. A Limited Edition of the game will be also available, featuring a bonus character, a bonus fighting style and a behind-the-scenes "making of " video feature on DVD produced by G4, the video game television - the Limited Edition is available for pre-order now for the same suggested retail price as the standard version, $49.95 (U.S.). We remind you that in this interview at Sanqualis, Dr. Raymond A. Muzyka, Joint CEO of Bioware, admitted that a PC version "is possible".