Winners of 3rd Annual G.A.N.G. Awards

Halo 2 walks away with top honor
Halo 2 and its Audio Director, Marty O’Donnell, took home the top award with Audio of The Year, as well as an award for Best Original soundtrack Album. Myst IV: Revelation and its Composer and Producer Jack Wall won the most awards of the evening including Best Live Performance Recording, Best Original Vocal Song, Choral for the game’s main theme and Music of the Year. A Lifetime Achievement Award was given out to Michael Land who is best known for his work on many adventure titles by Lucas Arts including Grim Fandango, Sam and Max and the Monkey Island series. The 3rd annual G.A.N.G. Awards were held at the Game Developers Conference on March 10, 2005 in San Francisco, California. More information here.

Halo 2
Halo 2 on Xbox
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