Bridge Commander Patch v1.1

A new patch for Activision's Star Trek: Bridge Commander is now available. This brings the game up to version 1.1, offering a number of bug fixes and new features (described in the full article). Size: 8 MB Thanks Shacknews
Changes in this release:
  • Added capability for multiplayer hosts to ban players
  • Problem in E6M5 with shuttles sometimes not leaving the planet, which means the mission cannot be completed.
  • Zhukov registry texture being upside-down
  • Fixed "redshirts" getting stuck in an animation after falling down
  • Multiplayer names containing '[' causing problems when restarting the game. If you believe that your copy of the game suffers from this problem, please delete the config file, that is found where you installed the game, before launching and repatching.
  • Better support for adding custom missions
  • Banning of players by IP address
  • A complete list of changes is available after installing the patch.