Gamershell Reviewer Application

Good luck!
We are currently seeking talented individuals that can write reviews on all platforms. This includes the PC, PS2, Xbox, and others. If you are interested please email us at the address below with what you prefer to play and a sample of your writing. English does not have to be your native language, only well written. You can live anywhere in the world. You must have a desire to write, and write a lot. Knowledge of computers and games is a plus. Ages 16 and up. We understand that many young teenagers can write well and if you think you have what it takes feel free to apply. If you fit this profile please send a sample a text of anything to kurt . k @ gamershell . com. Remove the spaces in that, obviously : )Sample text must be in the context of gaming. If you do not have one feel free to review a game you own as long as its not from 1982. 2-4 pages only. For PC reviewers we ask that you have an up-to-date PC running with a graphics card that can handle the latest games. If you don’t know what you have in your PC chances are it probably isn’t good enough to run the games we review.