Psychonauts Demo

The game promises a humorous storyline filled with unforgettable characters and non-linear gameplay of incredible depth
Majesco has released a playable demo of Psychonauts, allowing you to tey out the third-person psychic odyssey developed by Double Fine Productions, Inc which will be released on April 19th, for PC and Xbox (thanks: GameSpot). The game features thirteen incredibly unique levels: three set in the real world and 10 set inside the mental worlds of misfits, monsters and madmen. Once inside a mind, players can rise in rank by collecting figments of other peoples imaginations; sort through their emotional baggage; clear out their mental cobwebs and crack open their memory vaults. As their rank rises, players are endowed with new psychic powers such as telekinesis, invisibility, pyrokinesis, clairvoyance and confusion.
Psychonauts Demo (457.33MB)