HinterWars: The Aterian Invasion Trailers

The game is created by Nokia for promotion in the Asia-Pacific region
Nokia and Activate Interactive has released two HinterWars: The Aterian Invasion trailers, showcasing both PC and mobile versions of this new Mobile Massively Multiplayer Online Game (3MOG) which will allow allows gamers to play simultaneously with tens of thousands of others using either their Nokia N-Gage gamedeck or their PC (thanks: Ryan). The game features four broad character types – the Humans, Firans, Brucians and Taikuus – whose costumes, appearances and armour can be customized according to each player’s specifications. The game also allows interaction between players such as broadcast and private chat, trading of items and teaming up for conquests. Successes are rewarded by new downloads, rare items, additional power and experience, virtual cash rewards. HinterWars: The Aterian Invasion is expected to be available for download free of charge in the fourth quarter of 2005.