Gothic III Teaser Website/Screens

The game will be released later this year
JoWooD Productions and Piranha Bytes have launched the Gothic III teaser website offering three screenshots (added in our gallery), international discussion boards and info about the next chapter of the popular RPG series (thanks: Gameguru Mania). We remind you that Mike Hoge from Piranha Bytes revealed that Gothic 3 could be finished without joining a guild and the game world will consist of three different parts: a desert in the south, the landscape we already know from Gothic II and the northern part. However, they had to reduce the size of the world because they reached the limits of their technical capabilities and had to meet deadlines. Due to the deadlines, the multiplayer mode will not be implemented. Also, the player is no more forced to eat, sleep and supplying other wants regularly or by limiting the inventory. If the player will choose a higher degree of difficulty, then he could confront an Orc at the beginning of the game, instead of a wolf.

Gothic 3
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