Armies of Exigo v1.4 Patch

Previous Armies of Exigo save files are not compatible with this patch. If you would like to use your current save files then please do not install this update
Armies of Exigo, the fantasy RTS developed by Black Hole Games, a development studio launched by Cinergi Interactive, is now updated to v1.4 (press 'read more' for changelog). The game features three different armies: The Empire (knights, wizards, elves), The Beast (ogres, trolls, lizardmen), and The Fallen (dark elves, fallen knights and creatures of the deep), three single-player campaigns, skirmish mode, and four multiplayer modes: Melee, King of the Hill, Mission and Free-for-all. Don't forget to check out both single-player and multiplayer demos and read our review for more details about the game.