Rune v1.01 Patch

Human Head Studios has also released the first patch for the retail version of their Norse mythology-inspired 3D action-adventure game, Rune. The patch (v1.01) updates glide driver, fixes the inventory bug, adds the ability to connect as SarkRagnar in multiplayer, and more (read full story for details). Size: 4 MB.
RUNE PC Patch (Version 1.01 - Retail Only) Here is Rune Patch version 1.01 for the retail game. This patch is NOT for use with the Rune demo. Fixes in this version include: * Updated Glide driver * inventory disappear bug * loss of inventory when loading on TrialPit and SinkingShip levels * occasional TransBuffer crash when editor not installed * infinite edge grab when powering up while edgecrabbing as client in multiplayer * Dangler eating you occasionally caused you to go invisible * loading single player while hosting a server caused problems * bosses can no longer be pushed by blast powerup * Door occasionally not opening in Thor1 * food not firing it's pickup event * Ability to connect as SarkRagnar in multiplayer

Rune on PC
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