CT Special Forces Fire For Effect Movie #4

Travel and fight in numerous countries around the globe offering lavish and detailed internal and external action and destructible settings
A new movie from CT Special Forces Fire For Effect is now available for download, showcasing this game in the works at Asobo Studios and also known as Nemesis Strike (thanks: 3DGamers). In this game, you belong to an elite force fighting against global counter-terrorism. Your team is made up of two crack agents poised to react to any threat. Stealth Owl is an infiltration expert, whose skills are accuracy and skydiving, while Raptor uses weapons of mass destruction and favours close combat. Your main objective is to dismantle the NEMESIS network and retrieve the stolen technology. Nemesis Strike is based on a cutting edge game engine and a specific physics system. You can destroy any kind of environment, requisition military vehicles and feel right at the centre of the action. The weapons used in-game are the result of scientific research: amongst the varied arsenal are electromagnetic bombs and holographic gadgets to destabilise your enemies, LCD corner-shot machine guns, heat-seeking rocket launchers, drones, infra-red vision, sonar vision, and more.