Kameo: Elements of Power Screens #4

The world is wondrous and immense to explore, the puzzles and challenges are brilliant, and the monster-oriented combat and exploration is innovative and unique
Our gallery has been updated with new screenshots from the Xbox 360 version of Kameo: Elements of Power, the upcoming epic adventure/action game in the works at Rare. The game tells the story of Kameo, who must capture, grow and unleash a wide assortment of incredible monsters to combat ever-present evil, and rescue her three Elemental Ancestors from the Dark Troll King, who threatens the planet and its wildlife. Kameo: Elements of Power features an innovative monster-based combat system, monsters with unique abilities that enable players to open up and safely explore new areas, 3D environments with sprawling hills, fertile valleys and daunting lairs cover 20 fantasy-style locations, and more.