EverQuest 2: The Splitpaw Saga Ships

The first Adventure Pack, The Bloodline Chronicles, was released in March 2005
The Splitpaw Saga, the second adventure pack of EverQuest II, is now available via digital download for US $7.99, Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE) announced. In The Splitpaw Saga, players will explore the collapsed caverns and twisted tunnels of Sundered Splitpaw. Throughout this adventure, the truth behind the dungeon’s mysterious demise is uncovered by using moveable planks, crates and barrels to work through a series of 12 intriguing event-based zones. A ferocious clan of cannibalistic gnolls will stand in the way as players. New and veteran players alike can experience the adventure meeting fresh challenges as they progress and try again as the encounters scale dynamically to match the player’s level.

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