Sniper Elite Movie

Unlike many of its contemporaries, Sniper Elite is not a FPS - the gameplay challenges you to move, react and think like a real sniper
A Sniper Elite movie is now available for download, offering one minute of gameplay footage (nice slow-motion scene) from this sniper simulation game in the works at Rebellion. Sniper Elite is set in Berlin 1945 during the final advance of the Soviet army and is based upon actual historic events. Sniper Elite sees the player take the role of an elite sniper recruited by the American OSS to navigate through the warn-torn city and retrieve the Nazi Atomic secrets before the Soviet NKVD reach them. This mission marks the beginning of the Cold War. Sniper Elite will be published this fall, in North America by Namco, and by Ubisoft in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and all export territories, for PC, PS2 and Xbox.
Sniper Elite Movie (36.18MB)