Hot Coffee Scandal Gets Hotter

Even Senator Hillary Clinton is investigating the matter!!!
Take Two today announced that ESRB concluded its investigation and so, the Mature rating for GTA: San Andreas has been replaced with Adults Only 18+ due to the Hot Coffee mod. It seems this is all the author's fault, but as you'll probably guess and as the author's website states, "the scriptcode, the models, the animations and the dialogs by the original voice-actors were all created by RockStar. The Nude models that are used as a bonus in the Quick action version of the mod, were also already present on the original disk. But all this material is completely inaccesible in an unmodded version of the game. It can therefor not be considered a cheat, easter-egg or hidden feature. But is most probably just leftover material from a gameplay idea that didn't make the final release." In the meantime, Rockstar Games has ceased manufacturing of the current version of the title and they are working on a version which will make such modification impossible. The M rated version will be out sometime in the fourth fiscal quarter, so until then, Rockstar will provide the necessary AO labels for the retailers who still wish to sell it. If you already own a copy of GTA: San Andreas and if you haven't downloaded the mod yet, then you can find it here. Adults only!