Cross Racing Championship 2005 Update Available

The kit makes it possible to import your own car or edit original cars to your own taste
Invictus Games and Project Three Interactive today announced that a big update for Cross Racing Championship 2005 has become available through Invictus Live! - an online auto update utility created by Invictus Games which can only be used by owners of the full game. The update fixes several minor sound issues and adds Windows 64-bit edition support, but the major upgrade is that several new game modes and racetracks have been added. The new tracks will range from volcanic islands and icy lakes, to off-road racetracks and original tracks optimized for multiplayer racing. The brand new multiplayer modes include: Return The Flag, Jamboree and Destruction mode, ensuring even more fast paced online fun (log on via All Seeing Eye). For all creative CRC2005 fans, Invictus Games also included a car building devkit. Don't forget to grab the final demo which includes two single and two multiplayer maps.