Crown Of Glory v1.1 Patch

Take command in Napoleonic Europe’s struggle for power
Matrix Games issued the first patch for Crown Of Glory, bringing this Napoleonic-era strategy game developed by Western Civilization Software to v1.1. The update fixes all known crash issues, adds a save/restore feature for detailed battles, increases the number of in-game tooltips, resolves some multi-province minor country issues, fixes an occasional PBEM (play by e-mail) save issue and addresses many other minor issues. All told, the change list includes nine new features, eleven gameplay adjustments and fifteen bug fixes. The game features eight major powers (France, Britain, Austria, Prussia, Russia, Turkey, Spain, and Sweden), over ninety computer-controlled minor nations, more than 200 provinces, a standard campaign from 1805 – 1815 as well as a variety of starting scenarios, multiplayer via internet, LAN, serial/parallel connection or hotseat, and more.