Quake IV QuakeCon 2005 Official Movie/Screens

Quake 4 is the first game to utilize id Software's revolutionary DOOM 3 technology
Activision today released the official Quake IV QuakeCon 2005 movie, offering one minute of gameplay footage. Activision also announced that a Fan Art Contest is currently underway at the official website. To enter the contest, simply go to the site, download the contest kit and set forth designing the most unique and intriguing QUAKE 4 art featuring the QUAKE 4 logo you can muster. Fans can vote for their favorite creation, so the winner will be decided by none other than the QUAKE community - giving the winner a definitive place in QUAKE history. Additionally, members of id Software and Raven Software will pick their favorite from the top 10 community-rated pieces of artwork. Winners will receive a signed copy of QUAKE 4 Special DVD Edition for the PC and the official QUAKE 4 t-shirt. Winners will be announced at the launch of the official QUAKE 4 website. New screenshots? Four.

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