Dreamlords Trailer

A persistent world in which victories and hard work will not pass unnoticed
The first Dreamlords trailer is now locally mirrored, showcasing the upcoming massively multiplayer online RTS game in the works at Swedish developer Lockpick Entertainment (thanks: Blues). In Dreamlords, players assume the role of a Dreamlord in the control of a patria. A patria is a chunk of land floating in the universe with its own population and various natural resources. The patria is the base of operations. This is where everything starts; the population lives here, which enables a player to create an army and construct buildings. As the patria grows, more choices must be made. Player skills are required to focus a strategy, be it might through force, cunning, alliances or some other means. Everything is allowed in the war for existence. Dreamlords will be released during 2006; the exact release date will be disclosed later on.
Dreamlords Trailer (15.84MB)

Dreamlords on PC
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