Blitz: The League Screens #4

New football game to feature level of intensity not found in licensed sports products
Midway Games Inc. released new screenshots from Blitz: The League, the game which has been in development at Midway's Chicago studio for the past year in collaboration with a writer from ESPN's controversial "Playmakers" TV series. The game, previously known as Blitz: Playmakers, will feature a story mode that, for the first time ever in a football videogame, explores the realism, lifestyle and drama found in professional football. Players will take the helm of a downtrodden football franchise and retool the players and coaching staff in a quest to guide them to the league championship. Additional features include multiplayer action with head-to head online play and complete customization of players, teams, stadiums and more. Blitz: The League is scheduled for release in October 2005 on multiple videogame console platforms. The E3 2005 movie can be found here.