Global Warfare v1.5 Released

Global Warfare is a team based multiplayer Half-Life modification
The latest version of Global Warfare is now locally mirrored, allowing you to play this Half-Life modification. Global Warfare has a campaign system, where all the maps link together. Each team starts off with 4 maps under their control. The two teams battle it out at the start map, which neither controls, and the winning team gains control, plus moves into the opposite teams territory. Once a team has all the maps they win the campaign. There are several ways to "win" in the game. The most basic way to win is to destroy the enemies' transport (usually a blackhawk helicopter or an APC) and then kill the remaining troops on the ground. The other ways to win depend on the particular map itself. Some mission objectives are to call in airstrikes, destroy buildings or radio relays or bridges, and others involve capturing/rescuing civilians or officials. See the manual for more info.