Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars German Demo

Single- and multiplayer demo
A new Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars demo is now available for download, giving you another chance to try out the turn-based combat strategy game developed by Mithis Entertainment. The game takes place in a galaxy populated by four different animal clans (including Rabbits, Wolverines, Skunks and Baboons), each faction battling for control over all the planets. Packed full with single player missions, this title also offers off- and on-line multi-player modes, allowing up to 8 rivals to fight against each other, via Xbox Live. Be sure to check out the multiplayer demo which gives you the chance to play on two different planets: Apex (HiTech planet mechanized to the core ruled by the crazy Techies), and Lotus (one of The Frets’ murky arboreal worlds).