Out of Hell 16 September 2005

They didn't get to make their own news
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     Writers Wanted:
     We need writers willing to do editorials (Xbox2 vs PS3/etc) Interviews (ask companies questions on upcoming titles) and maybe other articles. As of now our current staff is busy with school and reviews, so they have no time to do interviews and editorials. If you want to start working for us, this is a good place to start. Please, serious inquiries only. If you can't write, don't bother, our editors are busy enough as it is :) If you can write the English language very well and are interested in writing please inquire within. English does not have to be your native language, only well written. You can live anywhere in the world. You must have a desire to write, and write a lot. Knowledge of computers and games is a plus. Ages 16 and up. If you fit this profile please send a sample a text of something gaming related to kurt . k @ gamershell . com. Sample text should be in the context of gaming. 2-4 pages only.

     1. Aspyr Media, Inc. announced that SimCity 4 Deluxe for Mac, a bundle including SimCity 4 and the SimCity 4 Rush Hour expansion pack is now live on their website and available for preorder.
     2. An Irish firm is betting on Internet poker with the launch this week of DV8poker.com - powered by the Excapsa Poker Network, which also includes two of the top sites in the market, UltimateBet.com and UltimatePoker.com. Behind the venture is AVA Leisure, which manufactures gaming machines and operates a chain of arcade outlets. Details here.
     3. Copy/paste job: "GoPets, Ltd., today announced the achievement of its newest North American milestone. The beta test program for GoPets (www.gopetslive.com) has now been successfully launched in North America, resulting in over 100,000 users worldwide. This makes GoPets a truly global service with strong user bases in Japan, Korea, the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Thailand and the Philippines. Additionally, this unique endeavor has daily participation from over 75 other countries, as well, with more territories to follow as the rollout continues". For more information, visit this website.
     4. Nokia announced that the demo for System Rush, the futuristic racing game developed exclusively for the N-Gage platform is now available for download from here. The demo features two playable co-vecs (code vehicles) and three tracks in the ultra-secure KGBX network, and can be shared with friends via Bluetooth wireless technology.
     5. HandyGames announced they will enter the mobile devices with Pirates Ahoy on September 23rd. "The player has to choose between four characters, e. g. the cruel Captain Wood or the pretty Bonny LaGrace, and on his quest for gold, rum and glory he has to be aware of unpredictable winds, dangerous swirls or hidden bombs. Other pirates will be sunk with mighty cannons or by ramming them till there is nothing left but hull planks". Details can be found here.