GUN Gets Top Hollywood Talents

The game should be released this fall
Activision today announced they have closed deals with talented actors to lend their voices to the GUN game. The cast includes leading man Thomas Jane as vengeful gunslinger Colton White; Kris Kristofferson as Colton's mountain man father, Ned; Tom Skerritt as Resistance Fighter Clay Allison; Brad Dourif as evil preacher Josiah Reed; Ron Perlman as Mayor Hoodoo Brown of Empire, New Mexico; and Lance Henriksen as the obsessive tyrant Thomas MacGruder. Hollywood screenwriter Randall Jahnson (Mask of Zorro, The Doors) is in charge of the storyline, while Christopher Lennertz composed the score of the game, which has been recorded by the Northwest Sinfonia using an 80 piece orchestra.

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