Star Wraith IV: Reviction v2.088 Demo

The graphics engine has been overhauled to provide Evochron level detail and effects
StarWraith 3D Games LLC has released a new demo for Reviction, the fourth title of the Star Wraith 3D space combat simulation that is now available for $19.95. In this new space-sim, you command an elite starfighter squadron where flight skill and leadership through vast regions of space will determine the survival of Earth itself, concluding in a final massive battle with two possible endings. Star Wraith IV: Reviction includes a diverse new single player campaign of over 25 missions, and multiplayer features dogfight, team-vs-team, capture-the-sphere, and three cooperative combat modes which allows up to 8 players to join together and play over the internet or a LAN. Environments include planets, asteroid fields, planetary terrain, nebula clouds, and more which are all interactive, not merely backdrops - you can use these environments to your advantage, such as hiding behind asteroids, escaping through caves, and descending into planetary atmospheres.