launches - All about the physics baby

Physics based games are enjoyed by millions, this individual plans on documenting them all.
Physics-bases games have been a fascination of Matthew's for years. He finally started up a page dedicated to covering the subject: Fun Motion; The focus is on physics games such as Gish, Bridge Construction Set, Trials, Ski Stunt Simulator, Ragdoll Masters, Hamsterball, Breakquest, etc. Some of these games are based entirely on interaction with a unique physics system while others heavily use physics to embellish well-worn genres. The site includes: Game Reviews, Developer Interviews and Design Articles. It's been online for less than two weeks, so right now there are only half a dozen reviews and one interview. He plans to post 3-4 times a week for all of 2006, though, and has immediate content lined up for the next 3 months. We hope you guys enjoy the webpage as much as we enjoy physics games!