Out of Hell 17 June 2002

Horizons on Home Lan (PC) Morrowind on Game Spy (PC)
EGG Mania : Eggstreme Madness on Digital Backspin (GC) Phantasy Star Online on Euro Gamer (GC)
Burnout on Video Game News (GC - 85/100) Fifa World Cup 2002 on Drunk Gamers (GC - 85/100) Gore on Video Game News (PC - 75/100) Hunter: The Reckoning on All Out Games (XBox - 81/100) Parappa the Rapper II on Digital Backspin (PS2 - 79/100) Soldier of Fortune II on Game Pen (PC - 80/100) The Sum Of All Fears on Video Game News (PC - 85/100)
Archive here.