Soldiers of Anarchy goodies

The official Soldiers of Anarchy site has been updated with several new screenshots & the E3 Trailer from this RTS/squad-based tactical game in the works at Silver Style. Soldiers of Anarchy will be published by SSI Interactive in october 2002.
It's 2013. 10 years ago,a near apocalypse forced you and a group of military veterans underground. Now, you emerge to free humanity from its new oppressors. Controlling a fully-customizable squad of soldiers,you must capture modern military weapons,including tanks,helicopters and jets and battle the enemy while protecting your limited resources. Play through 23 missions in this non-linear campaign,where your choices affect the game ?s outcome. S.O.A. also offers multiplayer for up to 8 players in a variety of modes. S.O.A. ships with the developer's editor used to create the missions and maps for the game so you can use actual game tools to build new single and multiplayer maps, even new movies and cut-scenes. S.O.A.?s powerful 3D engine offers destructible environments, 23 different units, the ability to customize vehicles,weather effects such as rain,snow and wind,and day and night missions. Spend endless hours exploring the non-linear campaign and building new worlds within the game. Features * 3D-realtime tactic at it's best, vast 3 dimensional landscapes full of action * Thrilling non-linear story with 20 extensive missions * Comfortable 3D-editor for building single and multiplayer levels * Complex ecological system with varying flora and fauna * Realistic environmental elements; rain, snow, daylight and darkness * Dozens of realistic war units with multiple weapons systems * Knock over walls, push boulders, fell trees; nearly everything is destructible * Special skills and military rank for every soldier * Atmospheric music and 3D-sound * Intuitive control of the camera * Thrilling multiplayer missions for up to 8 players * ...and many more surprises and exciting details Availability SOLDIERS OF ANARCHY will be available for the PC (Windows ® XP/2000/ME/98/95) in October 2002.