Toca Race Driver 3 Multiplayer Demo

Several new cars and tracks
Codemasters has released a multiplayer demo for TOCA Race Driver 3, allowing you to try out the next chapter of the series scheduled for February 2006, for PS2, Xbox and PC. The game will offer more than 100 individual championships covering 35 different racing disciplines, new licensed circuits from around the world (including Avignon and Istanbul from the DTM 2005 season championship), and improved car physics - now tyre temperature, car weight, dirt buildup on the rubber, tyre-wear, engine temperature and radiator efficiency have a major impact on gameplay. The Pro Career mode features seven different career paths, each specializing in an individual motor sport discipline including GT, Off Road, Touring Cars, Historic, Open Wheel, Rally and Oval. Alternatively, players can jump straight into World Tour mode and experience some of the world’s most powerful cars and see those tires screech under full power in this fast fix of race gaming. There are two single-player demos, locally mirrored here and here.