Time Splitters 2 Website and Demo

Eidos just let us know Time Splitters 2 website is now available. The site looks great and it seems they are offering a free Playstation 2 Demo too.
***Official TimeSplitters 2 Website now LIVE!!! - FREE DEMO AVAILABLE!*** Once again coming to you with the hottest news in interactive entertainment, Eidos Interactive is excited to announce the Official TimeSplitters 2 Website is now LIVE for the world to view! This will be THE depository for ALL of your TimeSplitting needs! An extensive list of features will provide gamers abroad with the finest in TimeSplitters 2 info and goods! From a detailed look at the story behind TimeSplitters 2, to a detailed look at the cast of renegade characters you will be able to play... and...well...kill! Inside looks at locations in the TimeSplitters 2 world, tasty downloads such as wallpapers and trailers, and direct access to the TimeSplitters community will be updated in the near future! On an additional note, in true Eidos style we wanted to offer gamers of the world... just a little more than the usual website. Directly from the official game site, anyone with the interest to see what all the fuss is about can get a first-hand taste with a FREE TIMESPLITTERS 2 PS2 DEMO!!! It's as easy as registering the vitals, hitting the button....and it's splittin'-time!!! So cut the monkey-business and get to the site! TimeSplitters 2 is slated for a September 2002 release.... www.timesplittersgame.com