SCS - Dangerous Waters Promo Movie Released

Over 30 missions that were not included in the original US release
Black Bean released a new promo movie for the European version of SCS - Dangerous Waters, which is completed by now and should be released around April 14th. Dangerous Waters is a modern naval warfare simulator that gives players absolute control over multiple air, surface, and submarine platforms. Players will engage the enemy on, above, and below the ocean’s surface as commander of ten of the world’s most effective naval platforms. Gamers will focus their attention on taking direct control of individual crew stations, from sonar and radar rooms to weapon control and navigation consoles. Missions in Dangerous Waters are interconnected, with all consequences from previous missions affecting the next. In the campaign, gamers can play as the U.S., Russian, or Chinese forces. There is an Euro MP demo mirrored in our downloads area, so give it a shot.