The Italian Job Demo

SCi has released a playable demo of Pixelogic's arcade racing game, The Italian Job. The demo features "the Jump Test Challenge, the full London test drive mission, and part of the Turin Getaway mission." Size: 109 MB. Source: 3D Gamers.
In 1969 the film 'The Italian Job' was released in the UK and almost immediately achieved cult status. In the last 30 years it has become almost legendary. The film revolves around Charlie Croker, who is out of jail and on the make again. He is attempting to steal $4,000,000 worth of gold in broad daylight and from under the noses of the Turin Polizei and the Mafia. Gamers now have the chance to do the same thing in this amazing new driving game. There are a total of 6 playing modes, with the players thrashing the 3 Austin Mini Coopers and 11 other vehicles around 2 massive, free form areas - London, Turin and the Alps. Road, off-road and rooftop driving all feature in the game that delivers the ultimate mix of high-speed pursuit and thrilling chases. Features (PC version): 65,536 Colours. Texture Compression and Filtering. Fully Skinned Character Animations. Resolution Independence (640*480-1280*1024). Multi-pass Vehicle and Environment Texturing. Environmental Reflection Mapping. Newly rendered High Resolution FMV and Briefing Movies. Completely Overhauled Front-end. DirectX 8 features supported. 3D Audio. Utilises Continuous Ordered Scenery Streaming (COSS™) to create gigantic representations of London and Turin. Each vehicle has it’s own unique handling model. Pixel perfect collision system. Realistic object physics. Characters: Charlie Croker - the gang leader. A lovable rogue who never quite gets it right. Mr. Bridger - the gangland boss and money behind the ‘job’. Loves the Queen and Britain and is only doing the job to help with the balance of payments - honest! Professor Simon Peach - a computer genius with a weakness for big women - very big women. ‘Camp’ Freddie - Mr. Bridger’s liaison. Not going to run off with your girlfriend…. Lorna - Charlie’s girlfriend. Always makes sure that Charlie gets the best in life. Roger Beckerman - the Italian who first came up with the idea.