Out of Hell 12 April 2006

They didn't get to make their own news
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     A new article has been added in our dedicated section: OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast Review (PS2)

     1. JMP Productions announced that Nobuo Uematsu, one of the most well-known and respected composers in the field of video game music, will attend the PLAY! concert in Chicago on Saturday, May 27, 2006. He will also be joining the meet and greet. PLAY! A Video Game Symphony is a symphony concert world-tour featuring music from a catalogue of blockbuster video game titles. Nobuo Uematsu composed the official opening fanfare for PLAY! which opens every concert world-wide.
     2. I-play unveiled research findings which showed that 79% of mobile gamers were either satisfied or very satisfied with the mobile games they played.
     3. Outsource Media, supplier of computer games voice production, is offering UK developers the chance to add some free polish to their demos in the run up to this year's E3 - on a first come, first served basis.
     4. Griffin Technology Inc. introduces Proxi, a software that allows you to create your own OS X shortcuts and become productive fast. It simplifies complicated tasks for you as an intermediary among various parts of your system, or even your network.
     5. The German Federal Environmental Agency has assigned the development of a mobile game to the German company for mobile entertainment, IECOM. The German government has set ambitious goals for the reduction of those gases emitted in Germany that impact planet Earth’s eco-system, and have set a comprehensive programme designed to safeguard the Earth’s climate. The mobile game is expected to be on the market from summer 2006 onwards.
     6. iGames announced the final slate of artists that are being featured in its inaugural GameTunes listening party, already under way at 100 member centers across North America, April 4-May 7. Sponsored by Virgin Megastores, the new bi-monthly series will unite the worlds of popular music and videogames in a marketing and retail initiative expected to reach tens of thousands of young, influential and upscale consumers who view gaming and music as a social experience.
     7. Game Trust announced Software Prodigy’s “Swing ‘n’ Strike” as the First Finalist for the highly anticipated second annual Game Trust Casual Game Evolution Challenge, sponsored by AOL Games. Software Prodigy beat out SMERC Design’s “Decades,” and JavaPause’s “Jack Flowers” by taking home 67% of the votes from this year’s Game Developer’s Conference (GDC). As a result, Software Prodigy is guaranteed a $10,000 distribution contract offer, and a shot to win the $20,000 Grand Prize contract and trip for four to Costa Rica.