Trainz SP3

Auran has released a new update for their popular sim, Trainz. The SP3 (or v1.3) is available in 2 versions: upgrade from v1.1.2 or upgrade from retail. This update adds new content, scenarios and layouts, and includes all previously released service packs. Size: 218 MB. Note: the servers are very busy right now, so try later if you are unable to download.
Service Pack 3 is an extensive upgrade to Trainz that introduces numerous features requested by the Trainz Community and fixes many known issues and bugs. This pack will be made available for download shortly, in the meantime, you can order the CD from the Trainz online Shop. Features/Changes include: Save Game function in Driver Scenario support utilizing TrainzScript* Large map support Cabin physics upgrade Cabin control 'HUD' enhanced DCC physics remodelled Additional signalling systems New signal assets and coronas Fog adjustment sliders Numerous enhancements to surveyor Transparent cab windows New loco cab interiors Paint Shed compatible Loco templates New layouts New content New sounds Performance improvements Hardware compatibility improved Numerous bug fixes *TrainzScript allows community programmers to create Scenario content for other Trainz users. Features include: Set scenario specific goals Create schedules and timetables for AI trains Scripted control of: AI shunting Junctions and signals Cameras 2D and 3D sounds Trackside objects Other vehicles Place triggers in surveyor to control scenario timing Delete and create consists "on the fly"