LucasArts and Pixelux Entertainment Deal

Exclusive Digital Molecular Matter technology makes every structure in every game world react exactly as it would in real life
LucasArts also announced that it has partnered with Pixelux Entertainment Inc. to include the Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) technology into all internal titles currently in development for next-generation video game consoles - DMM is exclusive to LucasArts beginning with Indiana Jones 2007 (working title). What is Digital Molecular Matter? If a structure exists – big or small, dense or thin, floppy or rigid – DMM causes it to react in the same way dictated by reality. For example, unlike what you’d see in current-gen games, wood doesn’t simply break apart along a predetermined seam every time – rather, it splinters into countless pieces from the exact point of impact, also taking into account the amount of sheer force exerted. Check full story for details.