Nintendo Wii Launch Details Unveiled

The Nintendo Press Conference just ended a few moments ago. They unveiled Wii and its controller, showed a lot of trailers from the upcoming games and ran a few demos on stage along with Nintendo's President Satoru Iwata. One of the most impressive demo run during the conference was the one from The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess where they showed the capabilities of the controller by swithcing between sword and bow gameplay. Another interesting demo was from Red Steel, a game developed by Ubisoft where you use your controller to move the character and shoot in the same time. Alternatively, you can use the controller to block or cut with a katana (Japanese sword). Mario was on stage too with the latest game of the series, now developed for the Wii console, along with lots of other titles that you can play at the Nintendo booth when the show opens for the public. A total of 27 games are available at the Nintendo booth and they expect a lot more to be launched together with the console in the last quarter of this year. Then Satoru Iwata made a small presentation of Wii's capabilities, calling it "the system that never sleeps", as Wii will be constantly connected to the Internet performing different tasks, even when powered off. No more details were given here and Mr Iwata didn't mention anything about the Wii online service. I guess we'll learn about it when the time comes. The end showed everyone that even important presidents know how to have fun as they demoed a tennis match in four-player multiplayer. Unfortunately, no details were given about the official price of the console, but we expect it to be in the 250-300USD/EUR range. That's pretty much all the nice stuff from the conference. It was a truly mind blowing experience and I really wish Nintendo could live up to its promise and revolutionize the way we see games.

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