Campaign Eckmuhl v1.03 Patch

HPS Sims has released a new patch for their tactical Napoleonic battle simulation, Campaign Eckmuhl. The patch (v1.03) fixes several crashes and graphical glitches. Size: 1.97 MB. An updated documentation and on-line documentation are also available for download.
Changes to Campaign Eckmuhl 1.03 - Fix for graphics glitches on very large maps in 3D. - Fix for missing Branching Window in Campaign Editor under Windows XP. - Fix for crash in campaign game when reinforcement is empty. - Fix for Detached units in Obstructed terrain staying Detached. - Modified Line Movement Restriction optional rule so that it is based on parameter data and modified by quality (see Users manual under Movement for details). - Fix so that cavalry which fails its morale check prior to charging is not allowed to charge. - Fix in Scenario Editor so that Restore Units doesn't put Skirmishers at full battalion strength. - Added the ability for Pioneer units to repair Bridges.