Strange Adventures in Infinite Space v1.2 Patch

Digital Eel has released a new patch for their strategy/space sim, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space. The patch (v1.2) gives the ability to modify certain parts of the game, and fixes a few bugs. Size: 356 KB.
STRANGE ADVENTURES V1.2 PATCH This file upgrades the FULL VERSION of Strange Adventures in Infinite Space to version 1.2. It is not compatible with the demo. How can you tell if you need the patch? Run the game and look at the top left corner of the main menu (with purple nebula background). If there's no version number, or if it says "v1.1", you should get the patch. Download the file below and run it. Then enter the location of your SAIS install folder (e.g. C:Program FilesStrange Adventures In Infinite Space, which is the default) and click "Unzip". This will upgrade the game to the latest version. Changes in the 1.2 patch include: * Added a mod browser and two example mods (flakgun and eelfarm). * Added sprite frame loading capability. * Moved most of the text into strings.ini file for modifiability. * Slightly changed damage model for micrometeorite gun. * Changed combat movement to allow drifting with broken thrusters. * Fixed occasional duplicated enemy fleets. * Fixed a crash bug involving fighters with beam weapons. Be sure to read the included Mod Guide (mods.txt) before using or creating mods.