The Chronicle of the Three Kingdoms Announced

Restore the government of the Han dynasty
Magitech announced the development of The Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms, a real-time war game, based on the Chinese historical saga “The Three Kingdoms”. The style of The Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms combines the grand battlefield action of a real-time tactical warfare game as well as the story development of a role-playing game. In it, you will have the chance to control several armies from the perspective of the Marshall, Liu Bei – the commander-in-chief of the fighting force. Instead of controlling each individual unit at a time, you will command entire divisions of up to eighty men at once. Using formations, tactics, and careful strategy, you can lead your soldiers to victory. Magitech is currently seeking a publisher for The Chronicles of the Three Kingdoms, scheduled for completion by July 2006. The public demo is scheduled for release by the end of the month. The first screenshots have been added in our gallery.