Guild Wars Factions Dragon Festival Announced

An exclusive weekend event for Guild Wars Factions players
NCsoft Europe announced that the Guild Wars Factions Dragon Festival, a summer event where all players are invited to join fun carnival-type games (Whack-A-Worm, anyone?), play new mini-missions and special PvP gameplay, undertake unique quests, and collect Asian-flavored treats such as red bean cakes and rice wine. Ceremonial Dragon Masks will be awarded to those players who are able to collect enough globes filled with the Jade Wind essence that changed Cantha two hundred year ago. The conclusion of the Dragon Festival will be marked with surprises true Canthans won’t want to miss. The Guild Wars Factions Dragon Festival will take place in and around the Shing Jea Monastery from 07:00GMT, 30 June and running through to 07:00GMT, 4 July.