Reservoir Dogs Banned in Australia

The sleep of reason breeds monsters!
After Mark Ecko’s Getting up: Contents Under Pressure's ban given by the Australian OFLC (Office of Film and Literature Classification), another title will not be able to reach this continent upon release (thanks Blues). EIDOS' Reservoir Dogs received an RC (Refused Classification) rating from the above mentioned board, so the sale and rental of this game on Australian ground is, as of now, prohibited. What's funny is the reason behind all this. You see, in Australia, the R 18+ classification is restricted to films, while the range of classifications for video games goes up to MA 15+ (Mature Accompanied with strong content). Following their logic, we can reach these hasty generalized conclusions. There are no video games needing an R 18+ classification or, even if they existed, persons over 18 years old would not play them because games are entirely for kids. Someone please remember this board that Australia is not just a big, dark city.