Gothic 3 Teaser Trailer #1

0:44 of teaser footage
Aspyr Media and JoWooD have released the first teaser trailer for Gothic III, showcasing the next chapter of the popular RPG series developed by Piranha Bytes. Word is: "The first video introduces the Middle Realm of the vast land of Myrtana. This realm is a lush, beautiful area filled with rivers, streams, towering trees all manner of wildlife and awe-inspiring mountain views. Towering over the realm is Faring Castle, once a proud citadel protecting both the capital city of Vengard and the northern mountain pass to the realm of Nordmar and its precious ore mines. Currently Faring is occupied by the Orcs, who have conquered the land and now rule over the humans with an iron fist, and their leader, Kan. It is said that gaining access to Kan and earning his trust will open paths to new and exciting areas of Myrtana". The game will feature a specially designed easy combat system, a huge free-roaming world - virtually no boundaries, countless side-quests for the player to choose from, over 50 different monsters and animals and dozens of human enemies, over 50 different powerful spells and over a hundred different weapons, and many more. Gothic 3 will be available in the US on September 26th and in the UK on September 29th.

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