Age of Wonders 2 v1.1 Patch

Take 2 has released a patch for Triumph Studios' turn-based strategy game, Age of Wonders 2: the Wizard's Throne. The patch (v1.1 - US) adds an extra 'beginners' difficulty level, adds 'objectives' and 'surrender' to options menu, fixes several bugs, some balance changes and more. Size: 7.28 MB. If you have the English (Euro), German, French or Italian version, get this patch instead (7.26 MB).
Age of Wonders II: The Wizard?s Throne V1.1 ? README - July 2, 2002 Thank you for purchasing Age of Wonders II! This document will assist you in getting the best experience from the game. It also contains last-minute information that was not able to make it into the manual. Contents 1. Minimum Requirements 2. Trouble Shooting 3. Contacting Technical Support 4. V1.1 Patch Changes 5. Play by E-mail 6. Resuming a LAN or Internet Game 7. Manual addendum 8. Keyboard Shortcuts 9. Web Links 1 Minimum Requirements OS: Windows(R) 98/ME/2000/XP CPU: 300MHz RAM: 64 MB (128 Recommended) Free Hard Disk Space: 250 MB Video: DirectX8 Compatible 4MB 3D Video Card Sound: DirectX8 Compatible Sound Card 2 Trouble Shooting Age of Wonders 2 starts in Hardware Rendering Mode. On machines that do not have DirectX 8 or higher, or the latest video drivers installed, the program may have trouble running. Either download the latest drivers, or set AoW2 to start in Software Rendering with AoW2Setup. Problem: The Game does not Start Properly. The game starts with a black screen, has redraw problems, instantly crashes or crashes after scenario setup. A) Make sure DirectX 8.0 or higher is installed. B) Download the latest Drivers for your video card from the manufacturer?s site. Here are some popular video card manufactures: · · · · · C) Close all background Applications before running the game. Some programs can interfere with Age of Wonders 2. D) Disable the option ?Allow Resolution Changes?. E) Make sure your monitor can display the required resolution. Problem: Slow Performance. When the game runs slowly on your computer, you can try the following options to make the game run faster: A) Close all background Applications before running the game. Programs like Virus Scanners, Security Programs and Internet Applications can be memory and performance hogs. B) Run the game at a low resolution, using the AoW2Setup program C) Set the Game to ?Medium? or ?Low? detail, using AoW2Setup. This will reduce some of the more demanding graphical effects. Problem: Crash when using for task-switching or when resolution-switching. Game can crash or displays a black screen. This usually happens in hardware-accelerated mode on some graphics cards. A) Download the latest Drivers for your video card from the manufacturer?s site. B) Disable the option ?Allow Resolution Changes? for in-game crashes. C) Run the game in ?Software rendering mode?, using the AoW2Setup program. D) Change desktop to 16 bit color depth. Problem: No sound A) Try toggling "DirectSound" off/on in the game or with the AoW2Setup program. B) Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX installed. Problem: Editor instability, or game instability when running in Windowed mode. Some video cards conflict with AoW2 when the desktop is set to 24 or 32 bit color mode. A) Change desktop to 16 bit color depth. B) Run the game in ?Software rendering mode?, using the AoW2Setup program. Problem: The game interface graphics corrupts If you have ?anti-aliasing? enabled in your video settings, turn it off. Problem: AoW2 fails to install properly. Reboot, and disable all background tasks before running the installer. ?Zip Magic? has been confirmed to sometimes conflict with the AoW2 Installer. What ports need to be opened to play AoW2 behind a firewall? WindowsXP's internal firewall does not require any ports to be opened. Other Firewalls need ports 6073 and 2302. AoW2 may not work reliably on a shared internet connection. 3 Contacting Technical Support Take Two Interactive Technical support can be reached by phone at 410-933-9191 and via email at The tech support hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm EST. Technical Support Supervisor Sydney F. Saunders IV Technical Support Representatives Dave Thomas Katie Young Matthew Baros Mykl Ranere Patty Saneman Stacey Sharpe Andre Liggins 4 V1.1 Patch Changes [New Features] -Extra ?Beginners? Campaign Difficulty added. -Surrender added to Options Menu -Objectives added to Options Menu [Fixes] -Crop Fields regrow after casting spells like ?Evil Woods? and ?Poison Woods?. -Ability levels from higher unit ranks no longer reset when loading a saved game. -Swapping Artifacts now updates Unit Statistics immediately. -Charge Info Incorrectly listed +2 ATT instead of +2 DAM -A rare AI lockup and Spirit crash -The ?C? Center Location and ?H? next Hero shortcuts now work. -Machines now join on their own. -?Call/Resurrect Hero? now checks max heroes setting -Casting ?Poison Plants? no longer erases bridges. -?Static Shield? now correctly gives Lightning Strike. -Tactical AI no longer walks onto Flee Hexes. -Tactical AI Wall Attacking is improved. -Tutorial Ice Crossing made clearer -A rarely occurring slowdown during Tactical Combat is fixed. -Tactical Combat AI Spell casting is improved. -Ambient SFX now sound better. -?Resurgence? Spells and Items now properly resurrect a unit after death. -Ranged attacks which kill their targets now give proper event text. -Diplomatic Trading takes offer into account when checking for available mana/gold -Building Queue is cleared after AI takes over city -Flee arrows at the top edge of the Combat Map are now visible. -Abilities which take control of enemy Units (like Seduce) now give Experience when successful. -When the last enemy is a Possessed Unit, killing it no longer ends the Combat. -Floating Units can no longer walk over obstacles. -Markmanship now gives bonuses to non-physical ranged attacks as well. -Non-physical abilities now show to-hit event info based on RES. -Combat Spells now have event info when selected. [Balance] -?Tower Guard? now only fires for the first 5 Rounds of Combat. -Random Damage is now more likely to do an "average" amount, with minimum/maximum Damage rolls being more rare. -Fairy: Concealment added. -Leprechaun: Taunt added -Magic Servant: Strike added -Fire Crossbow: DAM 7 (was 5) -Hurl Stones: ATT 7, DAM 5(was 6,7) -Shoot Javelin: DAM 10 (was 7) -Venomous Spit: DAM 9 (was 6) -Fire Bolts: DAM 7 (was 5) -Frost Bolts: DAM 7 (was 5) -More Hero Experience needed at higher levels. (Level 10 to 20: 50 instead of 40) (Level 20 to 30: 70 instead of 50) -Swarm DAM 5 (Was 1) -Corpus DAM 8 (Was 5) -Combat Spells now do from 50-100% of their DAM. -Healing Spells now restore from 50-100% of their maximum. [Editor] -Validate Map Button now works. -FrameRate disabled by default (F9=Toggle) -Desert no longer listed twice in NewMap -ArmyDlg Edit button fixed/Add button removed -HeroDlg add/remove items fixed. -Item/Hero Libraries are now saved -Customize Wizard crash fixed 5 Play by E-mail In an E-mail game, each human player takes a turn and then sends the Scenario's saved game file to the next human player in an E-mail file attachment. Play by E-mail (PBEM) games require Internet E-mail access. When starting an E-mail game you should fill in the PBEM settings using the Email Settings Option. Local E-mail Address Specify the E-mail address you use on your Age of Wonders 2 computer to send and receive E-mail. The Local E-Mail address is in the common format. SMTP Server For Age of Wonders to automatically send email attachments, your Internet Service Provider's SMTP server name needs to be specified. If you are not sure what your provider's SMTP name is, you can look it up in the configuration window of your E-mail program. Microsoft Outlook Express Go to the Tools/Accounts Menu Select the E-mail account you will be using for PBEM Click properties and see the Servers Tab Netscape Communicator: Go to the Edit/Preferences Menu Under Mail & Newsgroups see Mail Servers If this didn't help you can contact your Internet Service Provider, they will be able to tell your SMTP server name. Attachment Directory Specify the directory you use for incoming E-Mail attachments. Age of Wonders 2 will look in this directory for incoming PBEM games sent to the Local Email Address. Some mail programs automatically save attachments to a specified directory when they come in, others require you to manually save the attachments. Starting a PBEM game The person starting the PBEM session uses New Game in the PBEM Scenario Menu. The setting up of a scenario is similar to a regular Hot Seat game (only Classic Turns mode is available). At least 2 human players need to be defined for PBEM games. After pressing the Start button you will need to specify the PBEM Game's name and the E-mail addresses of the people involved. Continuing a PBEM game When you wish to continue playing a PBEM game already in progress, you can do either of the following: 1) Save the PBEM game to a directory manually using your email program, and then loading it in Age of Wonders 2 using the "Load Game" button. 2) Have Age of Wonders 2 check your email for PBEM games, using the "Check Email" button in the "Email Game" menu. Age of Wonders 2 will check the attachment directory for PBEM games. This option only works for E-mail programs that automatically save attachments. Once a valid PBEM game is found, your turn will begin. When you complete your turn by pressing the "End Turn" button, Age of Wonders will send the PBEM game to the next human player so that they may play their turn. This process continues until the game is completed. 6 Resuming a LAN or Internet Game When an LAN or Internet game is interrupted for any reason, the following process allows you to continue your game where you left off: Enter the Age of Wonders 2 LAN or Internet Scenario Setup Screen as you would if you were starting a new multi-player game. When prompted to choose a Scenario to play, find the save game you wish to continue playing multi-player, and select it, and reassign the players to their wizards. If the game ended without being saved, players can use the "Autosave.asg" file to recover the game, as long as players haven't played another game in the interim. Save games are stored by the game in the ...Save directory. 7 Manual Addendum Lists last minute manual changes and corrections. Spells Blazing Comet Attack 18, instead of 10 Death Ray Damage 6, instead of 8 Stoning Attack 10, instead of 8 Suffocate Damage 6, instead of 4 Deep Fissure 2-8x damage vs structures Tremors 2-8x damage vs structures Fire Storm Attack 12, instead of 7 Abilities Entangle Attack 12 Units Titan Willpower added See also the Patch Changes Above. 8 Keyboard Shortcuts F1 = Help/Tutorial F2 or CTRL-S = Save game F3 or CTRL-L = Load game F4 = Toggle Hexagon Grid F5 = Windowed display F6 = 800x600 display F7 = 1024x768 display F8 = 1280x1024 display F9 = Toggle Frame rate 'C' = Center View on selected object 'N' or '.' = Next Party/Unit 'P' or ',' = Prev Party/Unit) 'D' = Party/Unit Done Toggle 'M' = Move Selected Party/Unit 'G' = Party Guard Toggle Space = Next Event 'H' = Next Hero 'O' = Observe Opponents 'A' = Toggle Magic Domain PgUp = Map Level Up PgDn = Map Level Down Home = Center View on wizard CTRL-E or CTRL-ENTER = End Turn '+' = Zoom in '-' = Zoom out '0' = Zoom 100% CTRL-'F' = Toggle Bilinear Filtering CTRL-'R' = Toggle Hardware/Software rendering Tab = Chat (Multiplayer only) Mouse Wheel = Zoom Mouse Wheel Button = Set Zoom to 100% Editor only: F5 = Raise Terrain F6 = Lower Terrain 9 Web Links · - the official Age of Wonders II site, for news and updates on the game. · - site of the publisher · - official site of the developers · - the central AoW community site, includes forum frequented by the developers · - provided development assistance on AoW2 · - site of manual writers · - meet AoW2 players for internet games