Lineage II: Chronicle V: Oath of Blood Public Test Server

Log in now to get your first look at the lands of Rune and Schuttgart
NCsoft announced that players with an active Lineage II account can play now, on the Public Test Server, the upcoming chapter of this MMORPG, Chronicle V: Oath of Blood. The first character you create on the Public Test Server will be automatically boosted to level 75 when you log in to the test server. Please make sure that your first character is the character you want boosted. No other character you create will receive a boost. Choose carefully when you make your choices on the PTS, especially create your character and change your class. There are no refunds or reimbursements offered on the Public Test Server if you change your mind later. That character will also receive 76,000,000 SP to learn skills immediately and 100,000,000 Adena in the warehouse for items and equipment. Any character created after the first character will begin at level 1 with 0 SP and 0 Adena. The experience rate during Chronicle 5 testing will be set at 4 times higher than the normal servers, and the item drop rate (including spoil) will be set at 6 times higher. Special NPCs will be in the villages to sell items to help you develop your character quickly. NPCs will offer special items for sale, level your clan automatically, and allow you to choose your class transfers. For details, visit this website.

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