Gore Patch v1.48

DreamCatcher has released a new patch for 4D Rulers' FPS, Gore. The patch or 'Bonus Pack' (v1.48) includes 3 new maps (Steps of Cygnus, Coal Miner's Slaughter, Shafted), adds several new features (vsync control, team-kill ban voting, color depth setting,...), and fixes lots of bugs (read full story for details). Size: 31.7 MB.
Problem: Gore Bonus Pack (v1.48) addresses and adds the following features to the release version of Gore: - Three new levels: Steps of Cygnus - a space station themed map Coal Miner's Slaughter - a large coal mine level Shafted - a futuristic colorful tech level. - custom rules directory option. This fixes the limit of one game per mode per server. (See the standalone server docs for more info). - Fixed game-timer intermittent display bug. - Fixed max time for respawn. - Corrected old help screen showing up in observer mode in tactical. - Rendering options now require dev access. - Server security bug fixed - server ops can start using remoteadmin again. - Friendly fire does not affect healing - (server ops can turn friendly fire off w/o ruining healing grenades) - Fixed out of control weapon switching bug. - Addition of mailslot support for local connections. This is a non-sockets solution and should work on Win95 and up. Networking issues should no longer affect gore single-player. - Bumped maximum mouse sensitiviy from 20 to 30 - Low-quality sound option. Forces all sounds to 8bit. (Saves about 13 Megs of RAM). - Fixed formatting problem in server browser. - Fixed player sorting so that it sorts by deaths when kills are the same. - Added vsync control (menu and console controls) - Added color depth setting to video settings. - Added team-kill ban voting. Server op sets max_team_kills in the game_mode config file. Each time a person team-kills his victim can vote against him. When a team-killer gets max_team_kills votes against him he is booted for 5 minutes. - Changed no-zoom weapons so that they don't adjust fov to 90 degrees when zoom is pressed. - Fixed scoreboard not showing in tactical when dead. - Prevented name changes from occurring unless in the playing state. Name changes can no longer occur while observing. - First person model properly selected during observer mode. - Fixed crosshair problems. Removed "rotate crosshair" commands. - Fixed bug in server causing clients to crash joining a game in temple. - Fixed bug with client that was causing severe bouncing when players collide. - Added aim correction so projectiles will properly hit the object right at the crosshair point. - Added temporary spawn-in invulnerability. This is a new server setting called 'no_damage_period' and is specified in seconds. Default is 2 seconds. - Fixed problem with chrome mapping on some map-objects. - Fixed bug where client crashes if server is running a map that it doesn't have. - Added new server side value called 'altmasterserver'. If set this will send gamespy heartbeats to an alternate master server as well as the primary master server. This defaults to 'master.udpsoft.com' (All Seeing Eye) - Decreased C4 radius and damage - C4 and G4 easier to destroy - Increased radius on healing grenades - Flamethrower must reload after 50 units of ammo used. - Increased shotgun ammo to female players in tactical. - Default wait time in tactical is 15 seconds instead of 30. - Friendly Fire changed to off by default. - Added room in the scoreboard for 16 players on each team. - Scoreboard divided for MOB and UMC in team games.

Gore on PC
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