World War III Black Gold v1.2 Patch

JoWooD has released a new patch for Zuxxez Entertainment's recently re-released (story) strategy game, World War III: Black Gold. The focus of the patch (v1.2) is "improvement of multiplayer gameplay. Also included: Balancing for several units and new commands for the WarNet Portal." Size: 2.03 MB.
************************************************************** World War III Black Gold Version 1.2 Copyright 1999-2001 Reality Pump Studios and Zuxxez Entertainment AG Published by JoWooD Productions ************************************************************** World War III: BLACK GOLD 1. LOCAL AREA NETWORK GAME 2. INTERNET GAME 2.1. Server port configuration 2.2. How to join interenet server 2.3. Client port configuration 3. WARNET 3.1. New commands 3.2. WARNET ports --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. LOCAL AREA NETWORK GAME After you have joined a session and before starting a game, you can view the connection speeds displayed, on the left, by the players names. Lower values indicate faster connections. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. INTERNET GAME The 1.2 version includes a modified version of network coding that allows a player to join an Internet game without using a WARNET server. The game uses only one UDP port. The player can specify the UDP port in which the game is to be played. This results in a better configuration for NAT and Firewalls. 2.1. Server port configuration. When creating a new session the player needs to give the UPD port number used by the server. The number should be written after a colon in a session name. Example: session_name: 9000 WARNING! Sessions created with a UPD port will not be visible in a local network. Sessions can also be created without naming the UPD port. In this case DirectX will assign a port automatically and players will be able to join the game without giving the port number. 2.2. How to join an internet game. In the Protocotol window, the player should select TCP/IP and write down the server name (or IP address) and the session port number. Example: WARNING! If a server does not assign the port number when creating a session, the player must give the address without a port number. 2.3. Client port configuration. Before starting the game, the player should open NetConfig.cfg file and write down the UPD port no. there. This port is necessary to get through to NAT or Firewall. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. WARNET 3.1. New commands. Two new commands were added to the chat window: Nickname change command: /nickname "password" "new_nickname" After your nickname has been changed it is advisable to disconnect from the server and then reconnect again. Password change command: /passwd "old_password" "new_password" 3.2. WARNET ports. A client uses port TCP 17171 to connect to the WARNET server and games are always played in UDP 17771 port. This patch includes all previous fixes of earlier patches: - setup can not end problem - Windows95 problem